NTSB Releases Prelim Report On Troy Gentry’s Helicopter Crash

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The National Transportation Safety Board has issued a preliminary report on the helicopter crash last Friday (Sept 8) that killed Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry.

According to the NTSB Report, Gentry took the ride in the helicopter to get a look at the festival grounds where Montgomery Gentry would be performing that evening. From the report….

“Several minutes after takeoff, the pilot reported over the airport UNICOM frequency that he was unable to control engine rpm with throttle inputs. He reported he could “roll” the twist-grip, but that there was no corresponding change in engine rpm when he did so.

The company flight instructor and another certificated helicopter flight instructor were monitoring the frequency and engaged the pilot in conversation about potential courses of action to affect the subsequent landing. Options discussed included a shallow approach to a run-on landing, or a power-off, autorotational descent to landing. The pilot elected to stop the engine and perform an autorotation, which was a familiar procedure he had performed numerous times in the past. Prior to entering the autorotation, the pilot was advised to initiate the maneuver over the runway.

The company flight instructor reported that the helicopter entered the autorotation about 950 ft above ground level, and that the helicopter was quiet during its descent “because the engine was off.” During the descent, the rotor rpm decayed to the point where the instructor could see the individual rotor blades. The helicopter descended from view prior to reaching the runway threshold and the sounds of impact were heard. Both instructors reported that a high-pitched “whine” could be heard from the helicopter during the latter portion of the descent.”

A public memorial for Gentry will be held at the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow and will be available online here.


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