Uncounted Votes Could Keep Beaver Co. “Dry”

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The 14 remaining “dry” counties in Oklahoma voted to allow liquor by the drink as State Question 792 will go into effect October 1.

In Beaver County, the proposition passed by just seven votes, but 10 provisional ballots remain uncounted.

The county election board will meet at 4 p.m. Friday afternoon to open and count those ballots.

For the proposition to go from passing to failing, nine of those 10 votes have to be against the proposition. It would put the total at 720 against and 719 for, meaning Beaver County would be the state’s only dry county.

State Question 792, which passed during the 2016 general election, allows full-strength beer to be sold in bars, restaurants and grocery stores. Low-strength beer is still an option, but distributors will begin shipping full-strength products to Oklahoma, which means low-strength products will be harder for establishments to obtain.

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Sean Gallagher