VIDEO PREMIERE: Cory Morrow “Let’s Take This Outside”

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Life can be hectic and stressful at times. While this is not some groundbreaking insight, Cory Morrow teamed up with Drew Womack and Kyle Hutton to pen a song that promotes their solution to the anxiety that comes from a cluttered life. They originally had fatherless kids in mind while writing “Let’s Take This Outside” but Morrow has found the song has connected with many of his fans, regardless if dad was around. “So many people have reached out to let me know they’ve been touched by the song, people that grew up hunting and fishing with their Dads, people who have lost their dads, people that are now getting outdoors with their own kids, it’s been amazing to see how the song connects.”, says Morrow.

If you’re feeling a bit cooped up lately and can’t get to spending time outdoors, the video for “Let’s Take This Outside” does a good job of bringing the freedom of of nature to you.


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