WATCH: Cody Johnson shows he doesn’t put up with fights (Warning: Language)

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A fight broke out in the front row of a recent Cody Johnson show in North Carolina, and Cody was having none of it.


According to the YouTube poster, “An extremely drunk guy started a fight in the front row, sucker punching another man and a woman ended up on the ground hurt.”

I’ve had a bad day, too. I’ve been wanting to slap the s*** out of somebody all day long, but that don’t mean you can do it while I’m trying to provide for my family….And if that’s a woman they just picked up off the ground, y’all ought to beat his a** in the parking lot.

Safe to say, if you ever get the chance to see Cody play it would be in your best interest to act like it’s not the first time you’ve been let out of the house.

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